Usually, at this time of year, we would have a Messy Church event in either East Craigs or Craigsbank on a Saturday afternoon.  Lots of families would join together with members of our congregation and play games, complete crafts, listen to a story, sing some songs and have some yummy food.  This year, things are different. We’re not allowed to all meet together, we can’t share equipment or eat together and we can’t all join together to have fun in the same place but that doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to have any fun at all.  This year, we have to do things differently.  So, we have decided to do a Christmas Messy Church in a Bag!  This is the first time East Craigs and Craigsbank have tried this, but we hope lots of boys and girls will want to join in with their families and that it will be a great success.
We therefore need an adult to email us at: to register and then join our closed Facebook group.  Next, we need the adult to come to either East Craigs Church Centre or Craigsbank Church on Saturday 5th of December between 10am and 12 noon to collect the Messy Church Bag.  Then, on Saturday 19th of December we will upload the Christmas Messy Church event video to the closed Facebook site where only the people that are taking part will be able to access it to keep everyone safe.  Lastly, we’d like everyone who takes part to encourage their adults to either email us with photographs or upload them to the closed Facebook group so that we can all enjoy seeing each other taking part and having fun!
What’s going to happen and what will we do?  In each bag there will be an outdoor scavenger/treasure hunt for the children to complete in your local area, Cammo Estate or Clermiston Hill.  Our furry friends from the Cammo Estate will be helping the ladies from our eco team find the items.  Some items will be just to spot, some will be to collect and some will be to create an outdoor nativity stable scene picture.  There will also be three craft activities to complete alongside Scott from Craigies Kids Corner and a sweet treat to make then enjoy with the family.  The online video will have clips of the furry friends exploring the Cammo Estate and completing the treasure hunt, it will have Scott demonstrating the craft activities, a story to listen to and some songs to join in with. 
We’re so looking forward to having fun with the children – so if you know of a young child who might enjoy this adventure please get them in contact with us. Keep an eye out for our next newsletter when we will share with you the details for our Christingle Service in a Bag that is planned for Christmas Eve.  Have a look at the Craigies Kids Corner videos on our YouTube channel, if you have not already done so – and if you like what you see you can give us a like.